Monday, June 6, 2011

Cheat Ninja Saga Amazing Token Juni 2011

Cheat Ninja Saga Amazing Token Juni  2011 - Setelah update seputar Point Blank, sekarang waktunya beralih seputar Cheat Ninja Saga yaitu Update Cheat NS Ninja Saga Terbaru Juni 2011 , saat ini  saya akan update Cheat Juni 2011 Amazing Token .
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Itulah hasil Cheat NS kemarin. Dan sekarang Saya akan Update Cheat NS Juni 2011 . Silahkan lihat+download Cheat NS  Juni 2011 Amazing Token yang baru ini: 


1. Open Cheat engine 5.5
2. Go into Ninja Saga
3. Go to Academy and Click on a skill that has “Training Time – Instant”
4. In C.E, Enable Speedhack and set value to “0″
5. Click the “BUY” 3 times
6. Now click on the skill that you want to learn
7. Change the Speedhack back to “1″
8. Now go to the ARENA and Challenge your friends and fight them to save the game
9. Refresh the game and you still have the Token Skill
10. Repeat to acquire all the Token skills you want.

Cheat Ninja Saga Amazing Token Juni  2011

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