Monday, May 9, 2011

Cheat Ninja Saga Gold Permanen 2011

Cheat Ninja Saga Gold Permanen 2011 - Beralih sejenak ke Cheat Ninja Saga. Kali ini Cheat NS Ninja Saga Gold Permanen 2011 atau Cheat NS< Gold Permanen akan saya berikan .sebelumnya id-blogku telah mempostingkan cheat Ninja saga terbaru yaitu:
Cheat NS Ninja Saga Emblem Hack 2011
. dan hari ini tanggal 9, 10, 11, 12 Mei 2011 ini akan update Cheat NS Ninja Saga Gold Permanen. Silahkan lihat dan download tool Cheat NS Ninja Saga Gold Permanen yang keren ini :
1. Cheat engine download
2. browser (Mozilla recommended)

How to:
1. go ninja saga then playing any kind of mission (if not the mission lv13 escaped criminal who wrote because often get healing scrolls / chakra scroll)
2. if for example you get the item healing / chakras do not scroll at first ok ..
3. open cheat engine
4. open proces continues to choose which Web browser you use
5. continue to value typeya replaced text
6. scan items that you can ya list of his goods

* Item1 (smoke bomb) * item2 (healing scroll lvl 1)
* Item3 (chakras scroll lvl 1) * item4 (healing scroll lvl 3)
* Item5 (chakras scroll lvl 3) * item6 (healing scroll lvl 6)
* Item7 (chakras scroll lvl 6) * item8 (healing scroll lvl 9)
* Item9 (chakras scroll lvl 9) * item10 (chakras scroll lvl 12)
* Item11 (healing scroll lvl 12) * item12 (healing scroll lvl 15)
* Item13 (chakras scroll lvl 15) * item14 (healing scroll lvl 20)
* Item15 (chakras scroll lvl 20) * item16 (special rune scrolls)
* Item17 (healing scroll lvl 25) * item18 (chakras scroll lvl 25)
* Item19 (scroll healing lvl 30) * item20 (chakras scroll lvl 30)
* Item21 (healing scroll lvl 35) * item22 (chakras scroll lvl 35)
* Item23 (healing scroll lvl 40) * item24 (chakras scroll lvl 40)7. for example wrote the scroll of chakra you get lvl 12 you live in CEnya wrote: item10
8. continue to scan address so you get valuenya replaced wpn155
9. After his mission is completed, refresh the game
10. continue to see in gear ...
11. Get lv60 weapons practice naginata (257,100 price quite right) stay to the shop selling

Semoga cheat ninja saga 2011 Gold Permanen 2011 ini bisa bermanfaat bagi anda semua yang mencarinya. Jangan dulu berkomentar sebelum benar-benar berhasil mencobanya. Karena cheat Gold Permanen 2011  ini di tes dulu. Semoga Sukses dan selamat mencoba.

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